Friday, June 12, 2009

"Testing 123, Testing, Testing...."

So we have been trying to have fun this summer but since June started we have been rained out! Reggie has been begging me to take him out every day! He brings me his shoes and jacket adn then hangs on the doorknob untill we step outside.

Yesterday we had a thunderstorm so reggie and I went outside and ate some popcorn. I got the idea from my friend Sylvia! It was way fun. After we ate all the popcorn we could we sat on the the ledge and youlld at the cars "Car, Car", "Go, Go", "Beep, Beep", and reggie growled at them too!

A few days ago Reggie started shaking his head so all the hair would move out of his face. The then tried to move the hair with is banana and oatmeal covered hands. Yummy. SO i decided to pull it awayfrom his face just for dinner!
So that other Picture is from a few weeks ago. Regie was hungary for some Kix. So He invited his friends(Pup Pup and Alli-the dog and aligator, and Police car) to the Laundary room for a treat. He dumped half of waht was left on the floor and started eating! When I found him He looked so cute!
So real news from our Family. We recently accepted a teaching job for Peter in Alaska! We are so excited to get up there and spend time with my family! We are going to be Driving there and hopefull we wont go crazy! I cant wate to get there!