Friday, August 21, 2009

To Alaska

We made to our home in ALASKA-almost

Driving on Canadian roads was lame in the smoke. Low visiability and numerious pot holes in random places!!

There were so many forrest fires around whitehors the closed the road after we passed through. They were stinky and it was raining ash everywhere.

After we ate breakfast at the worst, but only, resteraunt, Reggie Drove the rest of the way to Alaska!!! HAHAHA! Only the length of one car!!!

Getting out of the watter was so lame, It was warm like a hot tub!! Reggie was disapointed to leave. But he had fun swimming!

Laird Hotsprings: Peter and Reggie

Laird Hotsprings: Reggie sitting on a log by himself!!!

When traveling with kids on trips over 3000 miles there must be some room for them to sleep on the floor of the car! Here Reggie demonstrates the use of space wile pretending to sleep(he was pretending so when I looked away he could play)

This is in Coeur Dalene Id at my Sister-in-laws house. I think this belongs in one of those Precious moments baby calanders.

Reggie just being a stud while drinking his water!!

Well all the pictures are backwords but that is ok. They are in order kindof. We started our trip in Provo Utah on Wednesday July 23 at 11:50pm. After a long day of packing with help from all our friends, we stoped over at the Greens for a snack and headed out. We arrived in IdahoFalls ID at 4am. The next day we went and saw Harry Potter With Ben Breanna and Dad Baksis!! Ithe was totially awesome. Momsica got to spend all day with her Grandbaby. That was awesome!!!! We headed out on Friday morning to Coeur Dalene ID.
So when we got to Calgary all the gas pumps were tuned off(weird thing) for the night, so we parked in th least lit parking lot of a gas station(still fully lit like day time) and we slept in the car. When we woke up we realized that we had left the DVD players pluged in and it sucked all the life out of our battery!! Thank goodness people in Canida live like Alaskins. we were able to get a jump from a guy with jumper cables. The first person we asked. Awesome.
The Edmointon mall was so much fun. I found a shoe boutique that has the most comforitiable shoes in the world and the are heals!!! I thinkg i am going to get all my shoes from them if i can just remember what the store was called!!
The trip was great and not too many problems. The roads were teriable but the car is in one piece. Not even a new rock chip. We love our new home in Alaska!!

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